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The most frequent mistakes while choosing the heating film and their consequences

The heating film – the choice of the right power
The choice and installation in the surface heating systems isn’t complicated and invasive. However, there are few key issues that need to be considered while designing and installing.
The basic problem, which we can meet while designing the heating film systems, is using the model with too low power unit. It may result from the wrongly estimated need for the heating power. Besides the obvious insufficient heating, the time, after which the temperature quality will have the aimed (or close to it) level, will be longer than in the correctly measured installation.
Adjusting the heated surface for the carbon heating film
In case of installing the film with the correct power but covering too small floor surface, the time of waiting for gaining the comfort parameters in the room will be longer. But in this case, we will ensure the expected heating power guaranteeing the warmth in the room. Also then, the time of waiting for gaining the optimal parameters will be longer but in this case we will ensure the expected heating power.
The choice of the temperature controller adjusted for the carbon heating films
Using the temperature controller with joint of too low power (in terms of the controlled power) may cause the damage of the actuators which results in the fault of the heating system – the lack of heating.
The installed heating film shouldn’t exceed 80% of the allowed power of the temperature controller.

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