BOLI PTC Carbon heating film Warm your house

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With respect to wood floors, you have two choices of an engineered hardwood floor that is recommended. The latter can be installed “floating” or paste. If you wish to use a classic 3/4 “thick solid floor, it is recommended that an oiled hardwood floor be installed, fully bonded.

The heated subfloor is only 0.5 mm thick so it has a negligible effect on the height of the floor. The film is usually laid on our 6 mm floor insulation (which replaces the standard floor underlayment) to give minimal effect on the height of your floor – less than 6.5 mm! This makes it ideal for use in new buildings and renovations where floor height is generally critical. All underfloor heating systems must be controlled thermostats and floor probes.

Heat Production – The film is designed as a heating system (not just the floor heating) and gives a uniform thermal coverage of the entire floor. It is offered in 800mm two out of power 220w per m2 for any heating.
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