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Simple to install – Installing this underfloor heating is simple and can be done by anyone with the most basic DIY skills, however an electrician needs to make the connection. It is simple to work with the subfloor and it can even be cut on the spot if necessary by following the dots to the desired length, just put an insulating tape on the copper duct bar, the width is according to that select and can not be cut off.

Quality – The heating film is manufactured to the highest standards and comes in kit form. It has been used around the world for many years. It is extremely reliable and comes with a manufacturer’s standard warranty of 15 years, but should last a lifetime!

Digital Control – Control of the heating system is via a simple-to-use, fast-action digital thermostat that has a 7-day / 24-hour battery life with built-in timer. The thermostat is unobtrusive and takes the same space as a standard light switch and is available separately.

Note: For other floor coverings, the film may be covered with plywood followed by the actual floor covering (ceramic, carpet or vinyl)
Contact :  Mr.Joshua Yang
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