what is Infrared Floor carbon Heat film

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Floor carbon Heat film is a kind of polyester film which can be heated after electrification. The heat energy produced is transferred to the
outside in the form of far-infrared radiation and convection, and the conversion rate of electric energy and thermal energy is as
high as 98%. The surface of the system heats up rapidly due to the action of carbon molecules. Install the electric heating film
heating system on the wall, and the heat will constantly flow evenly to every corner of the room.


1.No noise 2.far infrared rays promote blood circulation ,
3.improve sub-health 4.improve joint pain 5.promote metabolism,dispel freckles and skin care 


intelligent control,waterproof ,no leakage,max terperature limited.

Residential quarters ,hospitals ,hotel,restaurant schools,kindergarten,offices,dormitories etc

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