Far Infrared Carbon Fiber Heating Film

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Floor Heating Carbon Fiber Heating Film Benifit
1) Energy can be saved more than 65%.(On regular basis)
2) No need space for boiler
3) Far infrared radiation (90.3%) and anions (250cc) are emitted to improve health.
4) Don’t worry about smoke, noise, fueling, freezing.
5) Convinient control such as sectional heating, central heating and sectional control.
6) One day installation and immediately usable
7) Free to choose of finishing materials
8) Fast installation without taking off the existing floor
9) It can lower the height of ceiling and the weight of building.

 Floor Heating Carbon Fiber Heating Film Feature
1).Good security
2).High temperature resistance
4).High toughness

1. Home: tatami, electric painting, electric pad, bed, room temperature
2. Construction : residential quarters, hotels, offices, office buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, children's parks, churches ect..
3. Industry: culture room, vegetable greenhouses, farms, industrial insulation, the Treasury

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