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Heating Film Priority is providing a comfortable living environment for users, safety, and energy efficiency. The heating element is 1.2 mm thick,230 mm width, easy installation, self-regulation, runs with 24 or 36v safety voltage. More than 50 years lifetime, makes it endurable and easy to use. The product has been tested by six international laboratories and has been approved suitable for installation on any floor like the wet floor.  

1. Home: tatami, electric painting, electric pad, bed, room temperature
2. Construction : residential quarters, hotels, offices, office buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, children's parks, churches ect..
3. Industry: culture room, vegetable greenhouses, farms, industrial insulation, the Treasury

Because film heating is a dry method, cement mortar finishing (wet) may cause defect.
Use compression protective board when applying tecotile or monoleum.

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