electric carbon floor heating film 12v

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far infrared electric carbon floor heating film 12v 

floor heating film is mainly designed to be used in floor heating systems to transfer heat, user-friendly. Graphene PTC Heating Film is an innovative heating system that is made with gravure printing of heat generating carbon tissue on PET Film and copper bus bar. Since it emits far infrared rays and anions,warm radiant heat can be felt for a well-being life.
This film is ideal for during the certain time for the sectional space that needs to be heated because it requires a short period of time to make heat so suitable for customer, accommodation, office, church, restaurant, and stairs. For stable use, we recommend you to use the hardwood as the finishing material. If you are using for the linoleum finishing or humid environment, you need toconsult with a construction company.

1.PET film gives high degree of electrical isolation. No leakage, heat in security.
2.Silver paste
3.Water based nano-carbon paste was approved by US Food and Drug Administration. Hydrolytic, no smell, and non-pollution
4.Current-carrying cooper conductor. Oxidation Prevention 
Treatment cooper conductor Keeps good contact for long term use.

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