How does floor heating film work

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BOLI HEATING FILM Products now use the conductive ink technology in their QuietWarmth film mats, powered via parallel factory-attached lead wires that consume less power than traditional wired radiant floor heating systems. The mats are so thin that they won’t raise the height of your floor.

BOLI HEATING FILM  Both peel and stick and click-together floor heating systems offer flexibility with the option to spot heat your floor by simply placing the mats where you want them. The click-together film can also be cut to a desired length.*

BOLI HEATING FILM  *Cut-to-length feature does not apply to the peel and stick mats for tile and glue-down floors.

BOLI HEATING FILM Either style mat can be installed over a concrete or plywood subfloor according to their respective installation manuals. A lower vapor barrier must be installed onto a concrete subfloor before installing the film for floating floors. The peel and stick solution can be directly adhered to a flat and clean subfloor.

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